Books and Reading

by Jonathan Hurcombe
Novacene, James Lovelock

It is a difficult time to gain a realistic perspective on the development of the human race. It can be hard to know where to turn for information that describes what is actually going on. One voice I like listening to is that of James Lovelock. He is a self confessed controversial figure in the scientific community, but he has some compelling and famous ideas, namely Gaia, that can broaden one’s thinking. I recently completed his book Novacene and was met with some stark statements, warnings and insights. Firstly, he’ll clearly outline his reasons for concluding that we are alone in the cosmos. Sorry, Ancient Alien theorists, you’ll be sorely disappointed from the off. The century old Lovelock proceeds to navigate us through technological development starting with Thomas Newcomen’s steam powered pump that lead to worldwide transformation of human life. I don’t want to spoil the intellectual ride of this short book, but you’re left feeling humanity was precious, we had a good run, but our time to evolve further has come. Get ready for the Novacene. You can buy this book on Amazon clicking here

Call of the Wild Book

I’ve recently started watching Shawn James’ YouTube channel “My Self Reliance”. I’ve massively enjoyed discovering his journey. He’s an interesting man committed to accomplishing what looks like a rewarding way of life.

What he’s so far done, I find incredibly appealing. Planning, constructing and making. As he says in his own videos, there’s something fundamental about an outdoor living that speaks to the human soul, but it’s hard to pin down what exactly.

This re ignition of my interest in the outdoors led me to purchase “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London. Very excited to speed through these pages and can’t wait for the film, featuring Harrison Ford, to be released in Feb next year.

Will update with thoughts after reading.

If you want to buy your own copy get it off amazon here:

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