How long does it take to climb Mount Snowdon?

by Jonathan Hurcombe

How long does it take to summit Mount Snowdon?

It took my friends and I approx. 4 hours 38 mins to get to the top and back down on the Ranger Path.

I checked my photo’s timestamps from this trip and it took us 2 hours 26 mins to reach the summit.

Fitbit Statistics  from Climbing Mount Snowdon

Where to stay when you want to climb Snowdon?

We booked at the Cwellyn Arms which is pretty much at the foot of the mountain in the quaint village of Rhyd-Ddu. There are a number of accommodation options to choose from including bedrooms, tent pitches near Llyn Cwellyn (regular and glamping) and a farmhouse. We went for the rooms above the pub itself. They were very cosy and spacious, I’d highly recommend this option despite it being slightly more expensive. Trust me after a long hike having a pint of Guinness at arms length is a joyous perk.

What path from Rhyd-Dhu should I choose to ascend Snowdon?

It very much depends on your confidence, fitness level, and more importantly the weather. Fortunately, the owner of the Cwellyn Arms will provide you with a weather report each morning giving you every chance to make the right choice for you.

You’ll no doubt encounter a number of other hikers who’ll all tell you to wear sensible gear. Locals and regular hikers lose their minds and get infuriated by ignorant visitors who attempt the summit in flip flops, during high winds and freezing temperatures.

It sounds obvious, but be sure to take plenty of water, high protein snacks, warm clothing, appropriate footwear, a decent map (click here to get yours), a fully charged phone, a back up power bank (click here for if you need one) and tell someone what you’re doing.

I actually packed too much on our ascent, a big mistake as the extra weight knackers you quickly on the way up. As it was winter, I wanted to feel prepared if bad weather struck. It was cold and visibility was poor, but too much clothing can be a curse; adding unnecessary weight and making you sweat more – not ideal as you want to stay hydrated. A good lesson for next time however.

On to the paths. A mountain leader we met at the Cwellyn Arms advised us the Rhyd-Ddu path is more challenging, but does feature an interesting and fun ridge. The Ranger Path is longer and can be accessed at the bottom of Llyn Cwellyn. The entrance to the path is very easy to spot from the car park. We choose the Ranger, taking this route you’ll get some stunning views of Llyn Ffynnon-y-gwas.

Up your adventure

If you want to up your level of adventure, feel free to take a dip in Llyn Ffynnon-y-gwas, like a pair of certifiably insane people we spotted on the way down. In the summer, yes, why not. Winter, is another matter entirely. I think they must have either been from a Scandy country or cryotherapy enthusiasts.

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