Where to Eat on Nusa Lembongan

by Jonathan Hurcombe
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Gemma and I have been lucky enough to visit Bali twice now. Rather than stay on the Island the entire time, we decided to spend nearly a week on Nusa Lembongan, one of Bali’s close neighbours, but no where near comparable in size. All things considered it’s very easy to get to. We found a decent travel agency in Ubud, who made all the necessary bookings simple. We took a taxi from Ubud to Sanur, approximately a one hour journey depending on traffic and then the fast boat from Sanur to Lembongan approx. 45 mins. Now, our experience of the ferries in Indonesia has been an interesting one. The prospect of it generally causes initial anxiety, followed by the onset of hesitant dread, but so far we’ve always reached our destination (without throwing up once from seasickness I might add). When booking a ferry try to go through the more established companies, it’s doesn’t add that much to the expense and you’ll feel (a bit) safer. Be sure to locate your life jacket, you know, just in case. On his ocassion we chose D’Camel. Their boats are larger, have more powerful engines and their whole operation just seems better organised.

Once on Nusa Lembongan, settling into island life takes no time at all. Which brings me to a favourite topic – food!

The Best Breakfast – Bali Eco Deli

Eco Deli Breakfast Bowls

We loved the Eco Deli. It’s an easy going, open plan place with a relaxing atmosphere. You’ll find many a traveller and digital nomad just passing time lounging in the shabby chic painted wooden furniture. We had breakfast here every morning. The smoothies and bowls were perfect for sating a voracious appetite and the coffee was on par with those made by a good London barista. Not only did the food and setting impress, but the whole ethos of the place was fantastic. They’re doing what they can to introduce solar power, water and refuse recycling, as well as responsibly sourcing their ingredients. Highly recommended.

A Cheeky Midday G&T

There are quite a lot of bars, beach clubs and cafes to choose from on Lembongan, but we kept returning to the Agung Beach Club during the day. It’s not fancy, but there’s a raw ambiance that makes you feel suitably stowed away in the tropics. We didn’t tend to eat much during the day. Instead, we choose to relax here with a cheeky Gin & Tonic, absorbing the views of Mount Agung across the Bali Sea.

The Best Dinner – Ginger & Jamu

It’s quite well covered in guide books and blogs and it’s fair to see why. The team over a Ginger & Jamu have in Balinese style created a truly inviting setting. Right on the beach front it made for a romantic evening dining experience, where you get to pick from a quirky fusion of cuisines. I would stick with the main courses, smoothies, and healthy shots however, as the dessert menu isn’t very extensive. My personal favourites were the Satay Chicken Burger, the Dahl, the Jamu Shot and their Kombucha.

Definitely one to seek out while on Lembongan.

Ginger & Jamu – Dahl

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